Marvel To Kill An A-List Avenger in Civil War II


While the first issue of Marvel's Civil War II featured a pair of heartbreaking fatalities, it seems Brian Michael Bendis and company aren't done yet.

According to a tweet from the New York Daily News, one of Marvel's favorite venues to release exclusive information outside of the comics specialty press, one of the Avengers from Marvel's The Avengers -- the movie -- will die in the event miniseries...

...and apparently it's less the death and more the killer that everyone will be talking about.

The image shared, from the blockbuster 2012 movie based on the team, features top-tier Avengers Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, The Incredble Hulk, and Black Widow.

Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor all have ongoing series set to debut shortly after the end of Civil War II, so unless the death is short-lived or undone, it seems unlikely one of them will die. There are so far two new Iron Man titles seen in the promotional materials for Marvel NOW, neither of which features Tony Stark. Hawkeye will feature Kate Bishop, and Amadeus Cho will continue to play the role of Totally Awesome Hulk.


The fact that all three of the remaining characters are, sans their special weapons, basically just humans makes any of them open to any sort of attack from somebody they trust -- which of course begs the question: is the murderer a massive shock because it's another superhero, or one of the Avenger's supporting characters? Could Jarvis finally have snapped and killed Iron Man to prevent himself being replaced by a robot?

Check out the answer here, if you can't wait for tomorrow morning's Civil War II #3.