Marvel's What If? Might Have Post-Credit Scenes

Will Marvel's What If...? series include post-credits scenes? One of the show's producers gives an interesting answer to that question during a recent interview. When asked by Cinemablend whether or not What If...? would continue the Marvel Studios tradition of adding end-credits scenes with the show, producer Brad Winderbaum said "I mean, there is 'a' post-credits scene." That is an intriguing answer for a lot of reasons, including the fact that What If...? - and its tales of Marvel heroes and villains from alternate timelines - has largely been marketed as an anthology series of standalone episodes. So why would only one of those episodes involve a post-credits scene?

Truth be told, right now there's very little rhyme or reason to how or when Marvel Studios includes end-credits scenes to their Disney+ series. WandaVision has several episodes offer extra scenes during the end credits; the show also featured one post-credits "button" scene at the end of the series, in order to set up Scarlet Witch's role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier similarly featured two mid-credits sequences in the final two episodes of the series, with the last one setting up future developments in the MCU. Loki only had one mid-credits scene in episode 4, which revealed that the shocking twist of Tom Hiddleston's Loki being "killed" was indeed a misdirect.

That's all to say: as far as What If...? goes, there's no real telling what the format and purpose of this supposed one, single, end credits scene really is. However, recent press interviews and Marvel fan theories may give us a good guess or two...

Marvel The Watcher Uatu
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The more we've seen of What If...?, the more it seems like the singular alt-universe character episodes could eventually converge into one single shared storyline, that sees a "Guardians of the Multiverse" gathered together by The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) to stop some kind of threat (Ultron?) to the Marvel Multiverse.

Jeffrey Wright has similarly hinted in interviews that his character The Watcher may have an important arc in the series. In Marvel Comics lore, Watchers are beings tasked with observing various realities, without ever interfering in their events and evolution (or destruction). However, Wright's Watcher, Uatu, is famous in the comics for eventually getting off the sidelines and intervening in major cosmic events. If Uatu indeed brings the Guardians of the Multiverse together, then a post-credits scene for What If...? could reveal the Watcher's larger role to come in MCU movies like Doctor Strange 2 or Ant-Man 3. Conversely, the events of What If..? could be more stage setting for the time and reality-hopping threat of Kang The Conqueror and his variant selves - something a final end credits scene for What If...? could also reveal.


Marvel's What If..? starts streaming on Disney+ on August 11th.