Marvel's X-Men/Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom Deploys His Doom Sentinels

Doctor Doom is always prepared, and that includes being prepared for the rise of the mutant nation of Krakoa. Professor X changed the world when he sent out the psychic message telling everyone on the planet that Krakoa is for all mutants. The island nation is a safe haven for mutants, but not all nations recognize or respect the country's sovereignty or an individual mutant's right to step through a portal and into the promised land. One of those nations is Latveria. While Doctor Doom agrees that the mutant nation has a right to exist, he bristles at the air of superiority displays by Professor X and the rest of the leaders of Krakoa.

Then there's the complicated matter of mutants living with human families. The matter is even more complicated when they're living with Marvel's First Family. Franklin Richards is the son of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. He's also an omega-level mutant, though his powers have lessened recently. Reed has been working on fixing that, but Franklin is beginning to questions his father's commitment to the cause. Things come to a head when the X-Men come calling to take Franklin to Krakoa.

The argument ends with Franklin taking off with Kitty Pryde, the Fantastic Four infiltrating Krakoa, and everyone ending up on Doom Island, which us under Doctor Doom's control. The X-Men sense mutants in the area, but Doom forbids them from making contact. They soon discover that mutants who tried to escape were forced to become Doombot sentinels. When Doom realizes the X-Men have discovered this, he launches his secret weapon, Doom Sentinels:

Doctor Doom Sentinels X-Men Fantastic Four Marvel
(Photo: Marvel)

The X-Men probably aren't going to like it when they learn Doom has been building giant robots designed for killing mutants. A conflict is brewing, but what does it mean for Frankling, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four? And what is Doom's endgame? Fans will have to wait until the final issue of the miniseries to find out.

What do you think of Doom's Sentinels? Let us know what you think in the comments. X-Men/Fantastic Four #3 is on sale now.

X-Men/Fantastic Four #3
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Terry Dodson

A nation of mutants' lives is at stake while FRANKLIN RICHARDS makes a momentous decision! Will the FANTASTIC FOUR and X-MEN just stand by and allow it to happen?


Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 25, 2020
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