Marvel Brings Back SPOILER in X-Men's Marauders

Marvel's "Dawn of X" relaunch enters is third cycle of issues, and The Marauders once again proves to be a book with a myriad of different storlines and tones. The first two issues introduced us to Kitty Pryde's Marauders pirate initiative, and the White Queen's Hellfire Trading Company; issue three of Marauders takes a look in on the one figure wedged in between Kitty and Emma Frost: The Hellfire Trading Company's Black King, Sebastian Shaw. Sebastian being Sebastian, he can't just take to his new role in the mutant nation in stride, and the latest issue of Marauders reveals the ally Sebastian Shaw has brought back to help him.

Warning: The Marauders #3 SPOILERS Follow!

Marvel X-Men Marauders 3 Shinobi Shaw Returns Ressurected
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

For months, X-Men fans have wondered what the cryptic cover art of Maruaders #3 was teasing. We saw one of Krakoa's resurrection eggs hatching and a mysterious figure crawling out - a figure who isn't exactly met with open arms by the attending group of X-Men (Bishop, Storm, Iceman, Prof. X). Well, after reading the latest chapter, we now know why: Sebastian Shaw uses his influence as The Black King to get his son, Shinobi Shaw, moved to the head of Krakoa's resurrection protocols!

Shinobi Shaw returns to the land of the living with no memory of his death, which was caused (literally and figuratively) by his own hand, to avoid falling under the sway of Emma Frost and her new Hellfire Club. Sebastian Shaw brings Shinobi back in order to give him a major promotion: acting as the Red King of the Hellfire Trading Company!

Unfortunately for Sebastian Shaw, he pulled his little act of nepotism too early. When the Hellfire Trading Company and and Marauders pirate group officially launch, Emma Frost taps Captain "Katherine" Pryde to be the Red Queen. That appointment throws a major wrench into Sebastian's plans, and Shinobi ends up serving has his father's "Black Bishop," commanding his own hi-tech military frigate, with its own cloaking technology.

Shinobi Shaw's return offers plenty of new intrigue for Marauders. First, his rivalry with Sebastian is far from over, as Shinobi repeatedly alludes to still wanting to kill his father. Secondly, Shinobi's ties to Japanese crime syndicates is also still ongoing, as he returns to Japan to take up a debt he owes to a mysterious Yakuza boss (or "oyassan"). There's also the fact that Sebastian Shaw tells his son that Emma Frost and Katherine Pryde were the ones that killed him previously, thereby using his son as a potential weapon to aim at his Hellfire Trading Company competitors.

What's going to happen when Shinobi Shaw finds out the gruesome truth?


Marauders #3 is now available.