Marvel Reveals That Mr. Sinister's Mutant Gene Came From Unexpected X-Man

Powers of X rolls on with issue #4 the winding X-Men story continues to build on some of the [...]

Powers of X rolls on with issue #4 the winding X-Men story continues to build on some of the earlier twists. Mr. Sinister makes his first appearance in "Dawn of X," and there's a revelation about where the villain got the X-gene from. A subtly humorous journey to visit Sinister in a city called Bar Sinister full of clones of the dramatic scientist. That is where things start to get interesting. *Spoilers for Powers of X #4 to follow.*

The first version of Sinister they encounter isn't too keen on dealing with Magneto and Charles Xavier. Both of the men want the leader of Bar Sinister to help them create a comprehensive database of mutants. This all gets flipped on its head when another version of the eccentric scientist replaces the first one. Powers of X then reveals later in the book that this new version of Sinister got his X-gene from Thunderbird.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"...What we're suggesting is a slight deviation of focus. Continue with your broad indexing, if you want... but we need you to prioritize making a comprehensive database of all mutant DNA. Safe. Secure. Redundant. We can provide you with samples you might have trouble getting on your own, including ours."

Magneto and Xavier's change of heart is prompted by their knowledge of Moira X's nine lives. The 9th life timeline, where Moira sided with Apocalypse and fought a grim future war against the Man-Machine Supremacy had a lot to do with it. In that timeline, Mr. Sinister used a vast catalog of mutant DNA to breed several generations of strange mutant creations. Powerful "Chimera Mutants" like Rasputin emerged with multiple X-Genes and terrifying powers.

Readers are never introduced to the Sinister of Moira's 9th life, but in Moira's 10th life (the House of X timeline) Sinister is very much present. Xavier and Magneto have the advance knowledge of what his genetic experiments can lead to, so why encourage these developments? The Professor's instructions could carry some hints:

"First, you need to begin the good work... And then, I need you to forget why you're doing it and that we were ever here... until the day I tell you to remember."

A secret partnership usually doesn't bode well, especialy when it involves sides that have been at odds for years. "Dawn of X" wants to build toward this massive conclusion and restructuring of the X-Men characters. Those early deaths still linger in fans' minds, but there are only guesses at what is coming next. Will Mr. Sinister prove essential in bringing those who fell back into the picture? Readers will find out soon as Powers of X continues its trek through time.

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