Marvel Reveals New X-Men Villains

Marvel's X-Men entered a new era as Dawn of X began. The centerpiece of this new era is the sentient island of Krakoa, which serves as the location of the sovereign mutant nation-state. But that's the most rudimentary way that Krakoa props up the new mutant order. Krakoa's power is based on the unique flowers that it can grow, which the mutants living on Krakoa then sell to human nations. Its security is derived from gateway portals between the main island and Krakoan habitats spread across Earth and beyond. Krakoa controls these gateways and no one, not even longtime X-Men, can pass through them with Krakoa's approval.

But a new era for the X-Men means new threats. An unexpected new enemy has emerged and it plans to use the root of mutant power for its own goals. SPOILERS for X-Men #3 by Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, and Sunny Gho follow.

One satellite Krakoan habitat is located in the Savage Land, the prehistoric habitat hidden in Antarctica. Some of the X-Men are cultivating Krakoan flowers there when they are ambushed by a group stepping through a Krakoan gateway. The group subdues the X-Men there and begin to collect Krakoan flowers. This is Hordeculture:

X-Men Hordeculture
(Photo: Marvel)

Hordeculture consists of four senior citizen women scientists — Augusta Bromes, Opal Vetiver, Lily Leymus, and Edith Scutch — with backgrounds in biotechnology and botany. As described by a graphic in the issue, "Hordeculture is a collaborative group of like-minded agrochemists, biotechnologists and bioengineers who specialize in the genetic manipulation of - and propagation of — all things botanical. Their goal is the radical depopulation of humanity and the return of the planet to what they would consider a more pristine state."

The group was planning to go ahead with its efforts to depopulate the planet before Krakoa emerged. Now that it exists, they fear their efforts may not be effective enough to thin the mutant population. They're now attempting to get Krakoa to work towards their goals, either by choice or by force. The group already proved capable enough to hack Krakoa's biology and access its gates. In close combat, they stood up to Cyclos, Emma Frost, and Sebastian Shaw. As Emma puts it at the end of the issue, the X-Men "have a bit of a problem."

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X-Men #3
(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu



The most powerful heroes of the dominant species on the planet, the X-Men rise to protect the world against any threat. From a new foe in the Savage Land to an old nemesis' surprising return...

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