MODOK: Stilt-Man One of Only Characters Marvel Wouldn't Let Hulu Series Use

When Marvel's MODOK hits Hulu later this month, it's going to be packed to the brim with cameos [...]

When Marvel's MODOK hits Hulu later this month, it's going to be packed to the brim with cameos from all over the Marvel Universe. Fans already know Jon Hamm is appearing as Iron Man, and the latest teaser showed a snippet of a scene involving Fin Fang Foom. Despite featuring a combination of characters from both the A and Z-lists, Stilt-Man is one character that won't appear. That's right, matter how much you beg and plead, MODOK won't feature the beloved Daredevil and Spider-Man villain.

MODOK showrunner Jordan Blum tells us they wanted to use Stilt-Man in a hilarious sequence at Marvel's infamous Bar With No Name, only to be told no by the legal team at Marvel. In fact, Stilt-Man and Paste Pot Pete were the only two times Blum and his room were told no.

"Marvel was so cool about like, 'Yeah you want Iron Man? Yeah, take Iron Man.' And I was like, 'Oh my God I can't believe Iron Man!' Like the only characters, they said no to were like Stilt-Man and Paste-Pot Pete we tried to have in that episode," Blum tells us.

According to Blum, the writing team wanted Stilt-Man to be the bartender at the Bar With No Name so that he could retrieve liquor from the top shelf. After all, villains are likely stopping at the bar right after major heists, looking to splurge a bit of their bounty. Alas, the writer tells us rights issues involving Stilt-Man and Paste Pot Pete stood in the way from putting them in the show.

Luckily for the writer, the 20th Century Fox and Disney merger closed while the show was still early enough in development, meaning they could use a few X-Men characters here and there. Because Marvel wasn't saying "No" to the writer's room often, Blum says he and his team had to stop themselves more than once so the abundance of cameos wouldn't derail the show.

"We had to check ourselves a little bit, that we didn't just put everything in and then nothing happened in the show," he adds. "Because we were just like, 'Oh here's a new character, here's a new character!' They had to kind of be organic to the story. And that was, you know, the most important thing. That's why there are some weird ones in there like the because we were, we needed something for that episode."

All 10 episodes of MODOK hit Hulu on May 21st.

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