Moon Knight Designer Breaks Down Show's Massive Practical Sets

Despite largely being disconnected from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios spared no expense in its design budget for Moon Knight. We revealed Saturday the production made a whopping 47 Mr. Knight suits to have on-hand for the series. When it comes to the production designer, designer Stefania Cella says she was allowed to craft practical sets of massive proportions, even though Marvel projects typically rely heavily on visual effects.

"The tombs are all practical, because they're smaller [than buildings and city structures] and they're all on camera," the production designer tells us. "There are also just two actors in there, except when they're arriving in Alexander the Great's tomb."

A substantial amount of the Ennead's meeting place was also practical before receiving set extensions thanks to the show's various VFX vendors.

"The Chambers of the God is always built on camera to contain actors in the scene, even when you're far away," Cella adds. "So I'm sure some photos of the set eventually will come out and you'll see they're built. I would say we were around 35 feet high and then from there, it was a takeoff by finishing the pyramid in visual effects."

For shots in Cairo, Cella and her team also made a few city blocks for the production to film on.

"When Mark is arriving in Cairo, those are set extension," she says. "But we built a fairly big set with several streets and a square, but then when you see in the distance, those start to be set extension which is visual effects."

Four episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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