Moon Knight Now Appearing at Avengers Campus at Disneyland

Cult-favorite comics hero Moon Knight made his live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Wednesday, with Oscar Isaac playing the hero in a brand series on Disney+. Fans have been waiting to see the new character on their TV screens, but he's also wasting no time showing up in the real world. Alongside Moon Knight's Disney+ premiere on Wednesday, Disneyland brought the character to life at its Avengers Campus location.

It didn't take long for Disney to get Marvel's newest on-screen hero into one of its parks. On Wednesday afternoon, following Moon Knight's debut, the official Disney Parks Twitter account confirmed that the character can be found at Avengers Campus. Take a look at the official announcement below!

Isaac stars in Moon Knight as both Marc Spector and Steven Grant, personalities living within the same body. The show puts a major focus on Dissociative Personality Disorder and the effects it can have on someone. When the show begins, Steven is learning about the existence of Marc just like the audience, allowing him to be their guide through the show.

"That was intentional. There's so much to unfold, so much to talk about," director Mohamed Diab told Uproxx when asked the Steven character. "So if the two of you, I mean the audience and the character, are having that journey? We can understand or actually wait and understand with him. And I think one of the most brilliant things from Marvel and Jeremy was grounding Steven into an everyday guy, because usually he isn't. He's actually a rich guy in the comics. Grounding him into an everyday guy and discovering, seeing things through his eyes and then discovering that he has another identity and going through that. I love that. I love that about it."

The first episode of Marvel Studios' Moon Knight debuted on Disney+ on Wednesday morning. There will be new episodes of the series released each week for the next five weeks. The future of Moon Knight in the MCU beyond this initial series remains unknown.