Moon Knight Is About to Clash With Marvel's Next Supernatural Disney+ Hero

Two Disney+ supernatural heroes are on a collision course in an upcoming Marvel annual. Moon Knight has been defending the passengers of the night at his Midnight Mission in the pages of his own solo series by writer Jed MacKay. This October sees the release of Moon Knight Annual #1, a double-sized issue from Jed MacKay and artist Federico Sabbatini, who has already provided art in select issues of Moon Knight and the Devil's Reign: Moon Knight one-shot. The story reunites Moon Knight and Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night, who Marc Spector shares a bloody history with. 

"It's been great seeing people respond to our MOON KNIGHT series, and it's always a bit of a thrill to give folks even more- and MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 was the place to revisit some old history," MacKay explained. "Moon Knight has changed a lot since he first did battle with the Werewolf by Night, but so has Jack Russell, and having the opportunity to see how these two interact now, all these years later, has been a lot of fun. And Jack isn't the only player in Moon Knight's history who is turning up when Federico Sabbatini joins us for another adventure (and draws the hell out of it, I must add)."

The cover of Moon Knight Annual #1 by Rod Reis features Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight in a dark alley, with a woman on the ground between them. There's obviously been a fight between the two characters since Werewolf by Night has several of Moon Knight's white daggers stuck on his shirtless body.

Marvel's Werewolf By Night, a Halloween special expected to be coming to Disney+ this year reportedly starring Gael Garcia Bernal, is deep in production with Michael Giacchino as its director. Giacchino, known well for his iconic musical scores ranging from LOST to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, also scored Lightyear, his latest musical work with Pixar, creating the sound for Buzz Lightyear's sci-fi adventure in a film which stars Captain America himself Chris Evans before shifting gears to hop into the director chair. While speaking to in an exclusive interview, Giacchino confirmed he is directing Werewolf By Night and shared his excitement about the project.

"I've been having a blast. It's an incredibly challenging process. I love it," Giacchino said. "Everyday, I've been having fun working on it and we're int he middle of it. Hopefully, very soon we'll share a lot more about it. Yeah. There's not much I can't say other than I'm having a good time and I am working on something that I love. So, that's a win-win right there."

Who do you think would win in a fight between Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

(Photo: Marvel Comics)


Written by JED MACKAY


Cover by ROD REIS

On Sale 10/26

In the Darkhold, there is a prophecy of how a god might die. Jack Russell, more familiar with that cursed tome than most, would like very much to kill a god and save his people, the people bound in servitude to the moon. But to fulfill that prophecy requires the blood of the Fist of Khonshu, and Moon Knight doesn't bleed easily.