Morbius Tops Weekend Box Office with $39 Million Opening

Despite mixed reviews, Morbius has pulled ahead in its opening weekend to top the domestic box office. The latest Marvel superhero flick entered theaters this past week and sucked up $39.1 million USD during its first weekend. This total was enough to give Morbius the edge against its competition though the turnout is softer than recent Marvel grosses.

According to Sony Pictures, Morbius crossed the $39 million threshold this past weekend as it aired in over 4,200 locations. The movie, which is led by Jared Leto, shows how invested audiences are in comic book movies beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe as always. Its box office ranking comes after critics blasted Morbius for its paper-thin story, and Rotten Tomatoes has gifted the film with a blistering 17% so far.

As for its global box office haul, Morbius brought in $44.9 million this past week. The movie has a grand total of $84 million backing it right now, and that number will grow as more markets welcome Morbius around the world. The film reportedly cost $75 million to make barring marketing, so Morbius needs to earn more bank if it wants to be seen as profitable. But given its paltry reviews, Morbius is doing just fine one week into its theatrical window.

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As for the domestic box office this year, Morbius is a long way away from matching The Batman which holds the top spot for 2022 films so far. The DC Films flick has grossed $341 million USD stateside with Spider-Man: No Way Home following with $228.6 million. Uncharted, Sing 2, and Scream round out the domestic box office's five highest-grossing films of 2022.


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