'New Mutants' Director Reveals Whether There Will Be Costumes

Fox's New Mutants has been delayed until next year, but the ambitious X-Men universe horror flick [...]

Fox's New Mutants has been delayed until next year, but the ambitious X-Men universe horror flick is still on fans' radar. Director Josh Boone recently opened up to talk about the film, and revealed something that a lot of X-Men fans have been wondering about: Whether or not we'll see those iconic New Mutants comic book costumes!

The New Mutants are primarily known for those '80s yellow-and-black spandex, or the '90s lineup where each individual character rocked his/her personal fashion (especially after the X-Force evolution). So will we see either version int his movie? According to Boone (via CBM):

"There are no costumes. That alone makes it different. They can't be with the other kids at the X-Mansion. They're too f***ed up. They've all killed people, whether intentionally or unintentionally."

Indeed, much of the early marketing for New Mutants played up the dark and violent personal histories of each character. The first teaser trailer put the theme of how dangerous these young mutants are front and center, with some of the main dialogue being Dr. Cecillia Reyes (Alice Braga) talking to Dani Moonster (Blu Hunt) and comparing the powers of young muntants to baby cobras, which are more dangerous because they can't control how much venom is in their bite.

New Mutants Movie MCU Connections

Boone goes on to address that these dark, damaged young mutants will provide New Mutants with its horror elements, while also providing the film's intention emotional core - all within the scope of a PG-13 rating:

"This movie is probably the hardest PG-13 ever made. I mean, we've pushed it. The horror is pretty dark, but there's also an emotional core, too. If I can scare you and make you cry: that's the goal."

New Mutants was reportedly delayed until next year in order for Boone and Co. to significantly up the horror quotient. The film's antagonist, The Demon Bear, is an evil supernatural entity that can transport people into its dark dimension. That's a pretty nifty Freddy Kruer-esque premise for the sort of reality-warping scares we've seen in trailers. More of that doesn't sound too bad - especially since it offers one of many paths for the X-Men films to transition into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The X-Men film universe continues with Deadpool 2 on June 1st; X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 2nd; and New Mutants on February 22, 2019.