'New Mutants' Teaser Shows New Look At Maisie Williams As Wolfsbane

The latest teaser for the next movie in the X-Men franchise offers a good look at a Game of Thrones star who is set to make her mutant debut.

The latest teaser for The New Mutants features Maisie Williams looking the part of Rahne Sinclair AKA Wolfsbane. The footage, which is really more comparable to a motion poster, adds on to the horror film aesthetic, staying in step with the promotion thus far.

Director Josh Boone has been teasing the film would be unlike any other X-Men film that's been released thus far, a statement that was made more apparent when the production slate showed the classic New Mutants logo splattered in blood.

Williams' character has one of the darker origins among her teammates, having been adopted by a priest who was actually her father, a man who abuses and torments her.

In the movie, Wolfsbane and the other characters all are patients of what appears to be a mental hospital, where Dr. Cecilia Reyes works as well.

We don't really know much else about the movie, including who the villain will be, though we have heard about some sources for the plot's inspiration. Boone has stated that he was heavily influenced by the classic comic book run by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz.

One of the most notable villains from that comic's run is a psychic entity known as the Demon Bear. While it might not be a direct adaptation of that comic, a similar villain could play well on the big screen, especially if they're going the route of a moody psychological teen horror.

It should be noted that the FX show Legion also went a similar route, being set in a psych ward and using the telepathic villain Shadow King. While the show didn't delve into full-blown horror aspects, it did dabble and employ some of those tropes to great effect. It will be interesting to see how The New Mutants differentiates itself.

The New Mutants is shaping up to be the next great X-Men movie, following in the footsteps of Deadpool and Logan. If it doesn't get the planned trilogy that Boone pitched, it might be one of the last films of its kind if the Disney/Fox acquisition goes through, but that's a story for another time.

The New Mutants premieres April 13, 2018.