New Warriors Showrunner Reveals First Look at Footage, Squirrel Girl Costume for Cancelled Marvel Series

Television shows inspired by Marvel properties are dominating the world of pop culture at the moment, between Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on Disney+ and additional shows on Hulu and other networks. In and amongst all of that is Marvel's New Warriors, a live-action series that was planned for Freeform, but was ultimately cancelled by the network and unable to find a home elsewhere. While the show's fate was initially decided all the way back in 2019, a number of fans are still incredibly eager to see it resurrected — and series creator Kevin Biegel just provided the best look yet at what that would've looked like. On Wednesday, Biegel took to Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes look at the costume for Doreen Green / Squirrel Girl (Milana Vayntrub) for the series, as well as two videos of the practical effects that would've been used for her squirrel sidekick, Tippy-Toe.

In a later post, Biegel shared a brief video of his children watching the pilot on a laptop, which happens to show a snippet of footage of Squirrel Girl leaping into action.


In the very least, I got to make our kids proud (yes, that's The Rocketeer score as Squirrel Girl jumps and twists and dives)

— kevinbiegel (@kbiegel) September 9, 2021

New Warriors would have followed Squirrel Girl, Mister Immortal (Derek Theler), Night Thrasher (Jeremy Tardy), Speedball (Calum Worthy), Microbe (Matthew Moy), and Debrii (Kate Comer), six superpowered young people with abilities very different from the Avengers want to make a positive impact in the world, even if they are not quite ready to be heroes. The series would have also featured Keith David as Ernest Vigman, a character who would have eventually become MODOK.

"In this business, one never knows," David said of the series back in 2019. "I would hope that at some point it would come back. Everybody seemed to like it and loved the idea. Who knows why it hasn't come to fruition yet."

What do you think of Biegel's latest behind-the-scenes looks at the cancelled New Warriors pilot? Do you hope the series gets resurrected? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!