Paul Bettany Says Vision Needs to Learn Love and Loyalty in Captain America: Civil War

CW Vision Poster

During a red carpet interview at the Captain America: Civil War world premiere, Paul Bettany spoke about the Vision and the character's journey during the film. "In Age of Ultron, you got to see me born on screen, which I don't think is ever going to happen again," Bettany said. "He was omnipotent, but also naive and learning things at an extraordinary rate."

"When you meet him in [Captain America: Civil War], he's trying to figure out what's good about humanity, and what love is and loyalty is. We're at a moment when Loyalty is needed, and logic doesn't afford loyalty. It's pretty urgent for him to learn what love is."

Bettany also said he's approaching Vision a bit differently in Civil War. "There's a whole synthetic person/Cary Grant thing that I'm aiming for in this movie." But Golden Age Hollywood actors aren't Bettany's only inspiration for his take on the Vision. "Maybe it's just me because I'm a Brit and didn't grow up with comics, but they send me a bunch of comics every time I start a job, and they're very useful."


Seeing as we've gotten glimpses of a sweater-clad Vision in his film, is it possible that Bettany is taking cues from Tom King's critically acclaimed (and ongoing) Vision series? Fans will only need to wait a few more weeks to find out!