Paul Rudd Spotted At Super Bowl NFL Honors Event

Paul Rudd loves the Kansas City Chiefs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him down in Miami for the Super Bowl. Before the big game tomorrow, the Ant-Man star took some time to watch the NFL Honors where the best in the game are acknowledged for their achievements on the gridiron. There was a lot of star power in the building and Rudd took some time to chat with Pro-Bowl wideout Jarvis Landry. The two had a quick talk about how the beloved star came to be a Chiefs fan, and he told the receiver that he had grown up in Kansas City. A playful Landry asked Rudd if he was ready for the moment and the Marvel actor just smiled and said yes. His son Jack seemed to be very excited to meet an NFL star and share the red carpet with so many different people before the event.

A couple of weekends ago, after the AFC Championship game that got Kansas City to Miami for the Super Bowl. The entire Internet freaked out because Rudd helped a reporter recreate his now-famous “Look At Us” meme. Charlotte Wilder writes for Sports Illustrated and had run into the Ant-Man actor on the flight to the stadium. She immediately wanted to ask him to say the line, but thought better of it and only said hello. When they ran into each other during the victory celebration, he said it to her without being prompted and she captured the wild series of events on Twitter.

Rudd’s Chiefs stand a pretty good chance of bringing home a victory on Sunday, but it will be tough. San Francisco is no slouch and will be ready to try and slow down Kansas City’s high-flying attack. But, as far as the fans go for both teams, the Chiefs have the edge when it comes to superheroes rooting for the club. Both Rudd and Henry Cavill both root for the Kansas City squad and the story of how the Superman actor ended up backing an American football team is sensational.

"Spending a lot of time in America, learning to enjoy football, I realized I had to choose a team," Cavill told Rich Eisen a few years ago. "It’s never wise to choose a team based on who your partner is, because what if you fall out? It’s also good to have some rivalry in the house anyway. I was trying to think of something that would always stick. I figured Superman’s from Kansas. I was playing Superman at the time. It just kind of made sense to me."


Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports