Peter David to Return to X-Factor in Upcoming Marvel Comic

Superstar writer will return to X-Factor once again in July, kicking off a new arc in the X-Men Legends anthology series with artist Todd Nauck. The tale will fill in a "missing piece of the X-Factor puzzle," Marvel teased in the announcement, taking place between X-Factor #75 and #76 from 1992, complete with the costumes and personalities that dominated the books during that period. This is not David's first return to X-Factor, but the idea of reinserting his new work into the '90s when he redefined X-Factor and made it one of Marvel's must-read comics is certainly an appealing prospect.

Bringing Nauck to the series doesn't quite match what Larry Stroman was doing in the '90s. Still, his timeless style fits in with the '90s tales as well as it does more modern comics.

You can see the official description for the story below.

X-Men Legends, the series featuring all-new tales set during classic X-Men eras, continues this July with writer Peter David and artist Todd Nauck! Peter David returns to X-Men with a story set during his fan-favorite run on X-Factor. A highlight of the X-Men's nineties heyday, Peter David's X-Factor defined characters such as Polaris, Multiple Man, and Strong Guy, and featured sharp commentary on the mutant metaphor and super hero lifestyle. Now, fans can revisit this beloved era with a revelatory, in-continuity adventure that takes place between X-Factor #75 and #76.

Mutants have taken hostages, and X-Factor is taking the blame! But before judgment is rendered for Polaris, Havok, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Quicksilver, and Multiple Man, Val Cooper and X-Factor will take the stand! But who's telling the truth, and what really went down at the Latverian Embassy? It all makes sense…from a certain point of view.

"X-Factor are old friends of mine, and I was delighted when Marvel gave me the opportunity to revisit them," David said. "I have to admit, I was a little concerned since so many years have passed. But the moment I started writing them it was like no time had gone by it all."

Following Fabian Nicieza and Louise Simonson, David is the latest legendary X-Men scribe to return to their groundbreaking runs to tie up loose ends, resolve long-standing plot danglers, and reveal shocking truths that will change the past and future of the X-Men! Check out Todd Nauck's cover below as well as a special puzzle variant cover, and don't miss the next decades-in-the-making X-Men story when X-Men Legends #5 hits stands on July 21st! For more information, visit



Written by PETER DAVID
Art and Cover by TODD NAUCK
Puzzle Variant Cover by TODD NAUCK
On Sale 7/21