Vincent D'Onofrio Comments on Marvel Netflix Shows Being Canceled

The Marvel universe got a little smaller when Netflix finally canceled The Punisher and Jessica [...]

The Marvel universe got a little smaller when Netflix finally canceled The Punisher and Jessica Jones on Monday but the cast and crew continue to carry the torch with Vincent D'Onofrio being the latest to comment.

"A big reason why those Marvel TV shows were so awesome and we were is because a guy named Jeph Loeb who runs the TV branch of Marvel," D'Onofrio said in a tweet. "Jeph and Marvel were responsible for putting together amazing show runners and with Laray Mayfield a casting genius finding the talent it was indeed great."

Check out the tweet from D'Onofrio following the final cancellations of Netflix's Marvel shows below.

D'Onofrio debuted on Netflix's Marvel TV world as the Kingpin in the first season of Daredevil. He has played roles in several of the interconnected character's stories. It is unclear whether or not Disney plans to revive or reboot the Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage, Jessia Jones, Iron Fist, and The Defenders shows as the studio moves forward with launching its Disney+ streaming service.

In an open letter to fans, Marvel TV head Loeb teased the continuation of the popular shows.

"Our Network partner may have decided they no longer want to continue telling the tales of these great characters... but you know Marvel better than that," Loeb wrote. "As Matthew Murdock's Dad once said, 'The measure of a man is not how he gets knocked to the mat, it's how he gets back up.'

In a recent interview, Loeb made it clear that the Netflix shows were not canceled because they were underperforming, saying that the decision was entirely Netflix's.

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Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders are now available for streaming on Netflix.