Jon Bernthal Drops Another 'Punisher' Season 2 Tease

Jon Bernthal is starting to get Marvel fans hungry for that next season of The Punisher, and now he's following up his first tease for season 2 with another teaser that should remind fans just how bloody the Punisher Netflix experience really is.

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Tick. Tock.

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It's hard to tell if this is an image from season 1 or a scene from season 2. Bernthal's Frank Castle has spent so much of his time bloody that it really is hard to keep every moment straight. The first Punisher season 2 teaser was a .gif from one of the most violent scenes in season 1, so this new one could definitely be in keeping with that theme.

From what we know about The Punisher season 2, so far, Frank Castle will definitely have plenty of reason to sport a blood-covered face. Set photos and videos have already depicted the return of Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) as Punisher's nemesis, Jigsaw. Some of the action sequences spotted during production has featured Jigsaw getting pretty ruthless on the streets of NYC with some heavy artillery weapons, and no fear of using them in broad daylight.

Punisher Season 2 seems to be drawing inspiration from Marvel Comics' "Suicide Run" and "The Slavers" story arcs. "Suicide Run" involves Frank being severely injured and having to recuperate in a small town, while copycat Punisher wannabes pop up to take his place. "The Slavers" sees Frank take down a slavery ring, and is one of the darkest arcs the character seen - which is really saying something. If The Punisher Season 2 is combining these two storylines, then Frank's bloody face is either a situation in which Frank is hurt real bad, or just got done hurting a lot of bad guys, real bad. Just another typical day for Frank Castle.


Other set photos have revealed new cast member Giorgia Whigham on the set, who is believed to be playing Marvel Comics character Amy Bendix, who appeared as part of the "Suicide Run" storyline. Amy is the one who nurses the Punisher back to health, while her father the sheriff becomes suspicious of the mystery man. Another new cast member will be Floriana Lima, who played Maggie Sawyer in The CW's Supergirl. She will be playing veteran psychotherapist Kristen Dumont, who will have a heck of a challenge if she has to spend some time in Frank Castle's head.

The Punisher season 2 has wrapped filming. It doesn't yet have a release date. Hopefully it's not the last season.