Rob Liefeld Teases New 'Major X' Series

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is making a bold return to the X-Men universe with his new series [...]

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is making a bold return to the X-Men universe with his new series Major X, set to arrive this spring. At this point, there is plenty of mystery surrounding the new title character, and all we know is that he will collide with classic X-Men characters and potentially alter the fabric of the franchise for years to come.

There is a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding Major X, and details are being kept under wraps until the bi-monthly series debuts in April. With that said, however, Liefeld teased a little about the his new X-Men adventure as part of Marvel's ComicsPRO announcements. You can check out Liefeld's new info on Major X in the exclusive video above!

"Hey, you guys! I am here to talk about Major X which stars shipping in April for Marvel," Liefeld says in the video. "We got two issues a month in April, May, and June. I'm here in my studio putting the finishing touches on Major X. We have got a great story, a great mystery about Major X. Who is Major X? I think he's an exciting new player in the X-Men universe. I think your readers are gonna want to come along for this ride. Whilce Portacio is along with me doing just some phenomenal work for you guys. Hope you are on board Major X when it launched in April. Thank you!"

Liefeld will write Major X and is set to provide art for the first issue, alongside Image Comics co-founder Whilce Portacio. Former Teen Titans artist Brent Peeples will work on illustrating the book beginning in issue #2.

When speaking to about Major X ahead of last month's reveal, Liefelt revealed that Major X would be coming from a very different situation than the rest of the X-Men characters.

"Major X comes from a realm, another plane, called 'The X-istence.' It is populated only by mutants," Liefeld explained. "It's their special place. They're happy. They're living in harmony. The events that cause this portal to open, and for this 'The X-istence' to exist at all are subjects we deal with, and we answer. The absolute formation of The X-istence. Major X hails from there, and his home, the reason he's here encountering the current modern-day Marvel mutant landscape, is because The X-istence has been destroyed, and he is on a journey to restore his home."

Are you looking forward to Major X? Be sure to check it out when the first issue arrives in April!