James Marsters Talks Runaways Production

The pilot episode for Marvel's Runaways has wrapped and former Buffy star James Marsters feels [...]

The pilot episode for Marvel's Runaways has wrapped and former Buffy star James Marsters feels right in place with the rest of the cast and crew. Marsters, who plays Victor Stein in Marvel's first Hulu exclusive series, went on record to say he doesn't think there's a weak link in the entire cast.

"It's a huge cast and everyone's nice! Everyone's really good at acting. There's fifteen to seventeen of us, and I can't spot a weak link, I'm really excited to see how it goes forward. I'm having a great time filming it; the director is fabulous and the actors are very experienced," Marsters told Games Radar. The cast is kind of divided between parents and children, and the people playing the parents are all very experienced – resumes as long as your arm – but have not lost their child-like willingness to be playful, which is essential."

Marsters went to say that he sees a lot of potential in the youthful part of the cast — the Runaways themselves.

"And the actors playing the younger characters all have great instincts and a great attitude, and when we sat down for the table read, the takeaway from everyone was 'My god, all the young people are fabulous… this is going to be a really good show!' was the consensus," the Buffy alum reflected.

Marvel's Runways was created by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona. Vaughn has since become a comics superstar with his hits Saga and Paper Girls, while Alphona co-created Kamala Khan with G. Willow Wilson.

Runaways was a fan-favorite comic and even had writing contributions from Joss Whedon and Terry Moore, when the original creative team moved onto other projects.

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Runaways follows a group of six teenagers in the Marvel universe - Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, and Gertrude Yorkes - who discover that their parents are secretly members of a supervillain cabal called The Pride. After deciding they're no longer safe in their own homes, the kids go on the run. In the midst of hiding from their elders, the teens learn about themselves and become a family of their own.

"Marvel's Runaways" is executive produced by series showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage ("THE O.C.," "GOSSIP GIRL") along with Marvel's Head of Television, Jeph Loeb ("Marvel's Luke Cage," "Marvel's Iron Fist") and Jim Chory ("Marvel's Daredevil," "Marvel's Jessica Jones.") Fake Empire's Lis Rowinski will produce as well. Marvel's Runaways is a co-production with ABC Signature Studios.

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