'Runaways' Reveals the PRIDE's Evil Plan

After setting up many mysteries over the course of this first season, the penultimate episode of Marvel's Runaways finally brought some answers.

While a lot of questions about Molly Hernandez's parents and powers were cleared up, the machinations of PRIDE and what they're truly after has dominated the series since Episode One. And now we finally know what they're after. And it turns out, it has a lot to do with why Molly's parents were murdered.

In the ninth episode of the series called "Doomsday," we learn why Molly's parents were killed; the two were geologists working with PRIDE who discovered a mysterious rock-like substance buried underneath Los Angeles. The rocks glowed and pulsated, and are likely the source of Molly's powers.

It turns out, PRIDE's mysterious benefactor Jonah is after these rocks, which is why he brought together and blackmailed the folks in his nefarious group to do his bidding. And while some of them were content with the fact that a few of their deeds were charitable, they were all following blindly under Jonah's assertion that he was doing all of this to secure a "renewable energy source."

But the Hernandez parents didn't believe that claim after conducting their geological survey and tried to escape with their daughter before they were killed. In a video left to Molly in the event of their death, they revealed that PRIDE's planned excavation site was sitting over a blind fault; if they dig, they could cause a wave of natural disasters that could destroy the city of Los Angeles.

But, of course, Jonah doesn't seem to care much — being immortal tends to do that to a person. And while the individual members of PRIDE have noticed some fishy goings on since the Hernandezes were mysteriously murdered, they've been subdued and benefitted from Jonah's influence.

So while they might not know all about the magic rocks sitting underneath the city or about Los Angeles imminent destruction, they continue to go along with Jonah's schemes. And it's up to the Runaways to stop them.


The season finale of Runaways airs next Tuesday on Hulu.