Ryan Reynolds Clarifies His Comments on Martin Scorsese

Ryan Reynolds has been super busy in 2019 and his latest stop on the promotional tour was for 6 [...]

Ryan Reynolds has been super busy in 2019 and his latest stop on the promotional tour was for 6 Underground. During a conversation with an interviewer, he disagreed with Martin Scorsese's take about consuming Netflix movies on phones and now he's clearing the air. The director said that about The Irishman, and Reynolds responded with a very characteristic joke. He said, "You should be able to watch whatever the f**k you want to watch on whatever f**king device you want to watch it on. I don't know. I would say that's just the way things are." Obviously that wouldn't be received kindly by the Internet after all the beef between Scorsese and superhero fans over the last year. His tweet explains his stance succinctly.

For his part, 6 Underground director Michael Bay also weighed in on the idea of watching movies on mobile devices. Turns out, he would prefer people experience his work on bigger screens as well.

"I don't want my movies to be watched on a phone either," Bay said. "But movies aren't that bad on these new TVs that have HDR, high dynamic range. Listen, most of the Academy votes on TVs, okay. We all love movies. I'm a big cinema guy. But, the great thing about Netflix is it's a new voice out there and it's a strong voice. And they do interesting content. So that's why I appreciate it."

The legendary director originally addressed the idea on Popcorn with Peter Travers a few weeks ago. The comments around people watching The Irishman on their phones caused quite a stir online.

"That I never thought of. That I never thought of," he began. "Certainly, I could say, the past 20-some odd years, I've made films both for television and — in terms of the screen size — for the theater. Never for a phone. I don't know how to do it. I wish I could, I don't know how. No, I don't get it."

Scorsese continued, "Well, I would suggest — if you ever want to see one of my pictures, or most films — please, please don't look at it on a phone, please. An iPad, a big iPad, maybe."

Photo by John Shearer/WireImage/GettyImages