Secret Invasion Wraps Reshoots

Photography on Secret Invasion is close to over, with Samuel L. Jackson celebrating the occasion on social media. Friday, the Marvel mainstay shared a selfie to Instagram, saying wrap day on the upcoming Disney+ show was underway. The series had been shooting additional scenes in and around London for the better part of three weeks.

"Double goodness, wrap day, & world elephant day!" Jackson said on his Instagram post. "Had to break out my pachypants! Fury chills, Doaker begins Monday."

Jackson's next role, that of Doaker Charles, comes on Broadway's The Piano Lesson. The actor joins the likes of John David Washington and Danielle Brooks on the revival, which will begin shows in late September. Jackson's wife LaTanya Richardson Jackson is directing the show.

Though little has been unveiled about Marvel's first "crossover event" on Disney+, Jackson previously said his character, former SHIELD director Nick Fury, is definitely at the center of the plot.

"Well I can have a whole life as Nick Fury that's not Nick Fury at work," Jackson said. "You get to go home with me and see what happens with me at home or when I'm alone or when I'm not so strong or when I take off a back brace because Nick Fury's old. Things that you can do that you can't normally do because the character has to present this kind of front when that's happening and that's what the movies are for and when you get to do it in long form you get to show even superheroes have their down moments."

Secret Invasion is set to hit Disney+ Spring 2023. What other characters do you hope appear in the series? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things MCU!

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