Spider-Man Silk Spin-off Movie In The Works

Sony seems to be introducing a new Spider character into their Spider-Man spin-off universe, and comic fans know her as Silk.

The Korean-American hero has become a staple over the past few years, appearing in the popular Spider-Verse and Spider-Island books as well as her own solo series up until recently. According to The Wrap's sources, Cindy Moon will be getting her own separate spin-off movie, with Amy Pascal currently on board to produce.

In recent years Marvel's roster of Spider characters has introduced plenty of new favorites, and Silk is definitely among that number. Silk is the brainchild of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, first being introduced in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1. She received her own ongoing series not long after.

The character has actually already appeared in the MCU and Sony's Spidey universe thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Cindy Moon is one of Peter's classmates and is part of the decathlon team. It isn't known if Tiffany Espensen will reprise the role in that spin-off, but that could very well happen.

Whether they keep Silk's origin remains to be seen, but odds are it will differ somewhat, at least parts of it. In the comics, it is revealed that Cindy Moon was also bitten by the same radioactive spider that Peter was bitten by. Her powers eventually manifested but were too difficult for her to control, but she managed to get ahold of them thanks to Ezekiel. She was later secured in a facility by Ezekiel who was attempting to protect her and others like her from the destructive spider-killer Morlun.


In the Homecoming-verse (ist that a thing?) they could very well say that Moon was bitten by the same spider and forgo all the other Ezekiel-related origin trappings. As for powers, she is a lot like Peter, though her speed and spider-sense are both heightened. She lacks a bit of his strength but more than makes up for it with her webbing, which she shoots out of her fingertips. On top of that, they're barbed, so it's going to hurt when it hits you.

Sony currently has Venom coming later this year and is also working on Silver and Black (the Black Cat Silver Sable caper film). Whether Silk hits the screen remains to be seen, but there are certainly some cool things the studio could do with the character if they can find the right creative team.