Cyborg Spider-Woman Detailed On New Across The Spider-Verse Puzzle

A new piece of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse merchandise has revealed a terrifying version of Spider-Woman. In a piece of toy packaging for the film, fans got a glimpse of Cyborg Spider-Woman. Now, this design looks influenced by Cyborg Spider-Man more than Jessica Drew. But, it does show everyone how Phil Lord and Chris Miller are swinging for the fences in a very real way. Any Marvel concept related to the Web-Slinger should absolutely be up for grabs in the sequel. The first movie did a great job roping in a lot of different stuff and this one looks to be in the same vein. With a villain like The Spot and other surprise appearances from popular Spider-Man variants, things are already shaping up to be pretty wild next year. Check out what Cyborg Spider-Woman looks like down below. previously spoke to Chris Miller about the first movie. Animation fans were so refreshed by the decisions to switch up art styles and the sequel seems to be leaning into that impulse more heavily.

"This is a situation where the movie was so ambitious, it was trying to do so many groundbreaking things in its visual style, in its storytelling style, in its cinematic style." Miller said a couple of years ago. "Everything about it ... The sound mix was probably going to be groundbreaking, so it required a lot of work. Every version of these movies is a collaboration of hundreds of filmmakers working together, and in the best versions people are contributing their creative ideas, and the people, the directors, and the producers are the ones that get to decide which of the things fit the road that you're going down."

Sony dropped a new description for Miles' big trip into the Multiverse: "Miles Morales returns for the next chapter of the Oscar-winning Spider-Verse saga, an epic adventure that will transport Brooklyn's full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man across the Multiverse to join forces with Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-People to face off with a villain more powerful than anything they have ever encountered."

Shameik Moore returns as Miles Morales with Hailee Steinfeld's Gwen Stacy. Newcomers from all around the Spider-Verse are theoried to appear with Issa Rae's Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman leading the charge. Returning heroes include Oscar Isaac as Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man 2099, and Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man.

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