Major Spider-Man Character Returns

One of Spider-Man’s old allies just popped back up in Peter Parker’s life, and their timing [...]

One of Spider-Man's old allies just popped back up in Peter Parker's life, and their timing couldn't have been better.

SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man #8 by Nick Spencer, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, and Edgar Delgado follow.

The Thieves Guild is a powerful but relatively obscure organization in the Marvel Universe. Primarily known through their connection to the X-Man Gambit, the Thieves Guild was created by an immortal mutant called Candra as her personal thieves. With Candra dead, it seems the Thieves Guild has new goals in mind.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 reveals that the Thieves Guild is looking to restore its reputation. This requires two sets of actions. The first means collecting tithes from those criminals who had shrugged off the Guild as a mere myth. The second means showing what the Guild is capable of while, at the same time, taking the superheroes down a peg.

The second part of that plan manifests as a crime spree in New York City. The Thieves Guild steals the Avengers' old uniforms right out of the Hall of Costumes in Avengers Mansion, Tony Stark's Iron Man armors from their vault in Stark Tower, and Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer (not Mjolnir, mind you) practically out of their wielders' hands. They also manage to steal Ghost Rider's Hell Charger, Cyclops' ruby quartz visor, the Eye of Agamotto, and all of the weapons in the Punisher's armory.

Spider-Man gets a call to investigate. As he leaps off of a building, he discovers that the Thieves Guild also stole his web-shooters. Spidey falls towards the street below. Luckily for him, a friend happens to be nearby looking for him.

Spider-Man Black Cat
(Photo: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado, Nick Spencer, Marvel Entertainment)

Black Cat is back, and while she apparently wants Spider-Man alive, she also seems a little ticked off. The final page of the issue shows Felicia clawing Spider-Man's face and reminding him that they have some "unfinished business."

This comes as a bit of a surprise. Spider-Man and Black Cat have always had a tempestuous relationship and it was particularly strained during Felicia's recent time spent trying to build a criminal empire in New York City. But Felicia's life as a crime boss came crashing down and she recently teamed up with Spider-Man during the "Venom Inc." story to stop Maniac. When the threat was over, Black Cat and Spider-Man seemed to bury the hatchet and parted on amicable terms.

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Amazing Spider-Man #8 is on sale now.