Spider-Man Returning to Black Suit

Spider-Man is going to be back in black in Amazing Spider-Man #800.Spidey already got his black [...]

Spider-Man is going to be back in black in Amazing Spider-Man #800.

Spidey already got his black suit look back in the pages of Venomized, though that was forced on him by the invading Poisons. The events of Amazing Spider-Man #800 seems to be occurring under entirely different circumstances.

The first interior artwork from Amazing Spider-Man #800 was revealed at the Marvel retailer-only summit at C2E2. The artwork shows Spidey in his black suit. See for yourself below.

Amazing Spider-Man 800 Black Suit
(Photo: Stuart Immonen, Marvel Entertainment)

It was also confirmed that Spider-Man will remain in his black suit as new creative team Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley begin their run on the book despite the cover to the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 - which will also carry the legacy numbering #801 and which was first revealed at ComicBook.com - showing Spidey in his traditional blue-and-red costume.

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Black Suit
(Photo: Stuart Immonen, Marvel Entertainment)

Donning the black costume usually symbolizes a time of self-doubt and identity issues for Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego, which usually results in Spider-Man behaving more brashly and violently than he normally would. Spencer and Ottley touched on this tension between Peter and Spider-Man in their interview with ComicBook.com in March.

"The best Spider-Man, his personal [trouble] is mirroring his troubles in costume, and the two stories are feeding each other and being Spider-Man always comes with considerable costs to Peter," Spencer said. "It's always getting in the way of his life. So, to me, it's kind of a dance between those two things at this stage.

"We're gonna tell a really fun, funny, human character-driven story here," Spencer continued. "But a key part of it is also what Peter's role in the Marvel universe is, and what the Marvel universe looks like from his vantage point. That's always fun. Because he is the every man character, because he is the working class hero. You know when he's next to those other Marvel heroes, he really stands out. It really helps make what's unique about the character strength."

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Amazing Spider-Man #800 goes on sale May 30. Amazing Spider-Man #1, launching as part of Marvel's "fresh start," goes on sale in comics book stores in July.