Spider-Man: Far From Home Extended Cut Poster Released

Spider-Man: Far From Home is coming back to theaters this week with extra footage, and the extended cut has a neat new poster. The image shows Peter Parker in both his Iron Spider-Man suit and his Stealth Suit, which is now better known as the Night Monkey suit.

(Photo: Sony)

The image was recently shared to Reddit, where many fans commented on the design and their thoughts on the re-release.

"Very intrigued to see what they do!," u/SamanthaD1O1 wrote.

"Hey, look at that, they can make a poster that's actually decent," u/I_amnotreal joked.

"Except it's a fan made poster that won a contest," u/PulverizedShyGuy pointed out.

The original posters for the film received a lot of flak, even sparking a hilarious trend of fake posters made by fans.

Other fans chimed in to say they're not on board with this re-release trend:

"Oh, hey, can this not become a thing? Like, Director's Cut DVD's are reasonable because that's the only way physical media sales can stay relevant. We really don't need major movies going back into theaters two months after release with an extra 8 minutes jammed in to justify charging full price to see them again," u/paleo2002 argued.

And others are boycotting the re-release over the recent Disney/Sony split:

"If we boycott this and Sony doesn't see a return, then you know that negotiations will resume and we get our boy back in the MCU!," u/TheAmazingAsshat616 suggested.

"Is anyone likely to go see this? Given the current uncertain state of Spidey?," u/GnarlsD wondered.

Last week brought about the sad news that Disney and Sony were unable to reach a deal about Spider-Man, meaning Tom Holland is not expected to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to the initial report from Deadline, the Disney/Sony standoff was over a reworking of the deal that would see Disney get a 50-50 co-financing stake in the upcoming Spider-Man movies. The deal would have given Disney its stake in the franchise while also bringing Sony's extended universe of Spider-Man movies such as Venom into the MCU. Sony turned the offer down outright without so much as a counteroffer. The company preferred to keep the current arrangement intact, which sees Disney receiving an approximate 5% of each Spider-Man movie's first-dollar gross.

While many initially blamed Sony for the drama, some reports suggest Disney is the one who wanted to walk away.


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Spider-Man: Far From Home swings back into theaters Thursday, August 29.