Spider-Man: Homecoming Has Been Added to Disney+ in a New Country

Disney+ is currently the home of films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the United States, minus Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have collaborated on the new series of Spider-Man movies, beginning with 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. December's Spider-Man: No Way Home by director Jon Watts was the latest entry in the series, with the films' streaming rights dependent on country and other factors. We've seen Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man films land on Disney+ in the U.K., and now Canada is finally getting Spider-Man: Homecoming.

A screenshot shared to the subreddit dedicated to Marvel Studios shows how Spider-Man: Homecoming has quietly been added to Disney+ in Canada. The screenshot comes from the Disney+ app and shows a scene of Tom Holland's web-slinger from the movie.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has quietly been added to Disney+ in Canada. from marvelstudios

This follows the news that Sony Pictures is bringing Spider-Man: No Way Home back to U.S. and Canadian theaters on September 2nd. Spider-Man: No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version is being billed as an extended cut of No Way Home with "added and extended scenes of Spidey", in celebration of the character's 60th anniversary. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, August 9th.

"Tobey wanted to be very minimal about how much you know. Very, very minimal," co-writer Chris McKenna explained in a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "Andrew really loved the idea of he's still tortured over what happened in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and where that left him, and how they could bring that to Tom. "We can empathize with you. We do know what you are going through. If anyone in the world knows what you're going through, it's us." But also, "We can be beacons." Tobey especially has come through that darkness. We thought it was cool that Andrew's Peter was still in the midst of that darkness. They weren't just here to go, "Two awesome Jedi knight heroes who show up and are going to help you take down the bad guys." They are going through their own things. We were trying to write up to the characters that they did such a great job of creating and really being true to those characters and those stories and those worlds so that it didn't feel like we were doing curtain call, fan-service."


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