Spider-Man: Homecoming Adds Three New Cast Members

isabella amara jj totah jorge lendeborg jr split h 2016
(Photo: Courtesy of Mosaic and WME Agencies)

With principal photography comes new casting announcements, my Uncle Ben always said. Spider-Man: Homecoming starts filming at Pinewood Studios Atlanta this week, and that means more cast will be rolling in as they flesh out the additional roles needed. Taking place at least partially at Peter Parker's high school means of a lot of school-aged kids are needed, for roles that could vary from "student in math class number 4" to full-fledged supporting cast, and now we have three more of these undisclosed characters.

Isabella Amara, Jorge Lendeborg, Jr., and JJ Totah have joined the cast of Homecoming according to a report by THR. They are all of the right ages to be in that general range of "high school," and all three are relative newcomers to film.

Totah is the youngest of the additions, a 14 year-old who has appeared on the TV series Jessie, Glee, and Liv and Maddie. Amara, 17, played a young Melissa McCarthy in The Boss earlier this year, and also has Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life in theaters later this year. Lendeborg debuted in an episode of Graceland, and has indie films the Land and Shot coming soon.

The castmembers join star Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man under director Jon Watts, featuring the youngest Spidey (both in character and actor) that we've seen on screen yet. Holland debuted as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War in April 2016, and Spider-Man: Homecoming is filming now for a July 7, 2017 release.