Spider-Man: No Way Home's Benedict Cumberbatch Addresses Film's Box Office Impact

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Doctor Strange has chimed in on Spider-Man: No Way Home's box office success. Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his role as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, playing a pivotal role in its story. Spider-Man: No Way Home has had tremendous success at the box office since opening in December. The film has earned $724.9 million at the domestic box office and $1.69 billion worldwide. That makes it Sony's highest-grossing film ever, the fourth-highest grossing movie ever in North America, and the sixth-highest grossing movie ever worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Cumberbatch says he feels "amazing" about the movie's success and admits he and co-star Tom Holland pushed for Doctor Strange's inclusion.

"I'm very spoiled because Tom Holland and I had petitioned that the neighborhood superheroes should cross paths again," Cumberbatch tells Variety. "To have those three films culminate in that moment was extraordinary to be a part of. And to let my character make some hefty mistakes out of love — really, out of generosity towards someone he realizes he really cares for. From a stand-alone success of a movie, of a franchise, it's phenomenal. I genuinely sat there entertained, thrilled, really moved. I laughed a lot. I cheered. It's a fantastic feeling to be back in a cinema, being able to do that and to prove that not everything has to be streamed. And I think that's important moving forward. It's not just for exhibitors but for the social gain, the excitement of being in a crowd of people experiencing that live thing of watching it."

Jon Watts directed Spider-Man: No Way Home. Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker. The rest of the cast includes Zendaya as MJ and Jacob Batalon as Ned. Returning villains include Jamie Foxx as Electro, Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, and Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, with Spider-Man's identity now revealed, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life as Peter Parker from the high stakes of being a superhero. When Peter asks for help from Doctor Strange, the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

What do you think of Spider-Man: No Way Home's success at the box office? Let us know how you feel in the comments section. Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters. You can read the film's script for free online. Cumberbatch returns as Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, opening in theaters on May 6th.