Green Goblin Actor Willem Dafoe Speaks Out on His Secretive Return for Spider-Man: No Way Home

Green Goblin actor Willem Dafoe has offered some more thoughts on his wild return in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The villain spoke to Variety about the big premiere day finally happening. It seems like the entire cast is just relieved for people to finally get a chance to see this movie. For the established star, he got a kick of seeing the Internet debate itself into shambles. People have been wondering where this installment will leave Peter Parker for ages now. In No Way Home, they will finally have their answer at long last. Now, that doesn't mean the Green Goblin star was going to let the cat out of the bag. Most audiences will have to wait until later this week to decide for themselves. But, there's no doubt that all of the multiversal villains will have a big role to play in the biggest Spider-Man adventure yet.

"Yeah, it was kind of fun laying low on this for a while, actually," Dafoe admitted. "Letting people speculate about where this Spider-Man series was going. So, now people are going to see it and that's exciting."

In some previous comments, the actor also told the press that he was elated by the strides in technology since he zipped around on that glider in the early 2000s. Costuming has come a long way in the intervening years.

He began, "I stood there for eight hours and they put different pre-form pieces on me. Now, they scan me and they can design it and then make the costume, and then try it on me. It's a huge leap in the technology. They're more flexible. We can do more things with them." 

"It looks a little different...Old Norman and the Goblin are further down the line and they have a few more tricks up their sleeve. So it's not an exact -- There have been upgrades on the costume, let's say," Dafoe added.

Series star Tom Holland also talked about how thrilled he was to have all these established actors around for the finale of the Homecoming trilogy.

 "Walking on set, playing this character, we're here with Spider-Man: No Way Home, and I'm established and I know what I'm doing," Holland explained to ComicBookMovie. "All of a sudden, I'm thrown this curveball of fighting villains from the Raimi Universe. It was crazy. I mean, I had so many 'pinch me' moments where I'd be standing there looking at Alfred doing scenes with him and I really had to kind of take myself out of it and kind of focus as an actor rather than a fan because I was freaking out inside."

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