Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals Pointing Meme With Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, And Andrew Garfield

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Spider-Man: No Way Home managed to get Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to recreate the infamous pointing meme. As soon as the concept for this film trickled out a lot of fans were wondering if we would see this exact moment unfold on-screen. Theater audiences kind of got that during No Way Home, but the movie's official account decided to make things literal to celebrate the pre-orders for the home video release. In the image Sony posted, Holland, Garfield, and Maguire are all staring each other down. Marvel Studios' Spidey can barely contain that wide smile as they brought the Internet's favorite moment with the hero to life. It's still surreal to see all three together in one place. It's clear that feeling isn't going to wear off any time soon. Check out the meme for yourself down below.

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Previously, the three actors sat down with Marvel to discuss how this entire thing came together. "I went and had a meeting with Amy and Kevin. Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige. And had talked about… They sort of just teased it," Maguire said. "I think Amy was like, 'We'd love to talk to you, and you you know what this is about.' And I was like 'okay, sure. Let's go chat.'" Holland then joked about all that secrecy.

"Yeah, no, I know," he chuckled. "Maybe you could just give me a little bit of information. But, I don't know. I gotta say, I was intrigued immediately. In that conversation, the intention, the kind of love and celebration of these movies, and what it meant i think to Amy and Kevin was was apparent. To me, when artists or people who are um steering the creative process have a kind of authentic, genuine intent of celebration and love, it just was so apparent in both of them that I just wanted to join that." 

"I'm a big fan of Tom and those movies and Andrew. So, it was definitely intriguing. But, yes, I was also going, 'Well, what what are we going to do?' And that was a bit mysterious," Maguire recalled. "I did appreciate what was shared. But, it was really about getting together with these people and revisiting what was part of my history and and getting a chance to like come together. There are personal things too, which are kind of resolutions or a way to revisit and… I'm not quite sure how to put it. It's just to get to get back into that and i don't want to say like close the chapter… But revisit and have certain resolutions and just join in this loving creative spirit"

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