Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer - Is it Close?

Is the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer almost here? Marvel fans are buzzing that No Way Home's [...]

Is the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer almost here? Marvel fans are buzzing that No Way Home's trailer is close to dropping, based on several bits of evidence that are starting to pile up. The most recent signal is that Sony Pictures social media accounts in various international markets like Austria, Vietnam, and Cambodia are all changing their header images to the Spider-Man: No Way Home logo. These quiet updates in overseas markets are combining with trolling teases from Sony about No Way Home's trailer to make fans believe that this is all marketing strategy to generate sufficient buzz to make Spider-Man: No Way Home's trailer debut a big success.

About a week ago, Sony pulled a fast one on fans, by dropping a first look at the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer online - an actual eighteen-wheeler truck, whose trailer had been painted with the No Way Home logo. When that tease resulted in "Spider-Man" becoming a trending topic on social media, Sony once again teased fans with a post that seemed to suggest the trailer was coming... only to deliver nothing. Similarly, a recent Marvel Studios sizzle reel of Phase 4 films left out Spider-Man: No Way Home from the montage of new footage.

Spider-Man: No Way Home finished shooting in late March, as evidenced by pictures of the film's wrap gifts leaking online - as well as star Tom Holland posting photos of the muscled physique he put on for the film. With No Way Home set for release in mid-December, there is obviously a lot of post-production work to be done - but there's very real possibility that Sony Pictures and director Jon Watts have enough in the can to at least put together the first teaser. The question most Marvel fans have is when would be the best time for the Spider-Man 3 trailer to drop.

As this is a Sony movie (and not just a Marvel Studios movie) the usual Marvel Cinematic Universe marketing plan may not apply; however, there is a baseline to measure by. Marvel released the first teaser for its September release, Shang-Chi in April; the teaser for November's Eternals just dropped this week (late May). It seems that June (which is only days away) would be the window of time for December's release (No Way Home) to drop its first teaser.

Of course, the exact point in June is anyone's guess. Marvel Studios will premiere it Loki Disney+ series on June 9th, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home released in the same time window as Loki's premiere. June 1st is also Tom Holland's birthday, so one of his "presents" could be showing him off in the most ambitious Spider-Man movie yet.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is slated to hit theaters on December 17th.