Florida's Own Spider-Man Has a Side Gig Washing People's Roofs, Apparently

Spider-Man can do whatever a spider again and, it seems, even find time for a little bit of very [...]

Spider-Man can do whatever a spider again and, it seems, even find time for a little bit of very specific home maintenance. In Florida, a man dressed as Spider-Man was spotted pressure washing a roof during a rainstorm, something that definitely puts a spin on the whole "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" thing.

Reported by Fox 35 Orlando, a man named George Martinez spotted the unusual sight and posted a video to Instagram on Monday featuring an honest-to-goodness guy dressed as Spider-Man power washing a roof during what Martinez described as a pretty significant storm. In the video, two men try to figure out what measures this Spider-Man had taken to remain safe -- a tether or just good old fashioned Spidey sense. You can check the whole thing out below.

Now, before you get to wondering if maybe Peter Parker is trying out a side hustle cleaning roofs, it turns out there's actually a kind of sweet story behind the whole situation. The man on the roof works for an Orlando-area company that does pressure washing among other things and as for the suit? It was a Father's Day gift.

"He's the father of a friend of mine who owns a cleaning company," Martinez said. "He got the suit for Father's Day and, well, the rest is history."

Dressing as an iconic superhero while pressure washing a roof in a storm? That's a pretty impressive commitment to the job -- whatever it takes, one might say. However, when it came to not spoiling a major part of Avengers: Endgame for his fellow Spider-Man: Far From Home cast members, Tom Holland sort of missed the mark. While speaking with Jake Hamilton, actors Zendaya and Jacob Batalon said Holland spoiled Tony Stark's death years ago.

"He told me too early," said Zendaya.

"I feel like we talked about this way back in, like, 2016," Batalon added with a chuckle.

Holland later added, "I've known for a really long time," which prompted Zendaya to chide him for his loose lips: "And thus we have to know," she said sarcastically.

"I was just like, 'yo, what's up, Iron Man dies,'" joked Holland.

Added Zendaya, "Honestly, that's probably exactly how it went."

"That's the best way to hear it! You think you want to experience that in the cinema for the first time? No!" Holland said.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens in theaters on July 2nd.

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