Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 Gets an Awesome White Spider Hoodie

The release date for the highly anticipated Spider-Man title for the PS4 hasn’t been officially [...]


The release date for the highly anticipated Spider-Man title for the PS4 hasn't been officially announced (though the GameStop pre-order has June 30th as the date. We've also heard rumors about September 28th), but we do know one thing for sure. You can order the officially licensed Spider-Man White Spider hoodie based on his look in the game right here, right now for $59.99 with free shipping. The hoodie is slated to ship in June, which may or may not corroborate the GameStop listing. Probably not the exact date since the 30th falls on a Saturday - but maybe sometime in the month of June.

Just keep in mind that pre-order quantities are limited, so interested parties will want to secure one as soon as possible. The hoodies are available in sizes S-XXL while supplies last. From the official description:

"Inspired by Spider-Man's in costume in the upcoming PlayStation 4 game, the hoodie incorporates the web slinging hero's classic colours of red, white and blue in darker tones, along with a white Spider logo. The hoodie has a sporty athletic style fit with body panelling details, full length zip and drawstring hood."


On a related note, a big wave of Avengers: Infinity War apparel has made available to pre-order! The lineup includes several t-shirt designs along with a hat, hoodie, wristband and wallet. There's also loads of awesome Iron Spider stuff.

You can shop the entire Avengers: Infinity War apparel lineup right here. Shipping is free on all of the items, and the prices are fairly reasonable. Again, pre-order stock is limited however, so secure your favorites while you can. Many of the items are expected to ship in April, the same month that Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters. So, again, the Spider-Man PS4 release date may, in fact, be in June. Or it could just be a coincidence. But probably not. Maybe.

(Photo: Styled By Marvel)

Finally, Marvel Studios is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and they've unveiled a pretty awesome shirt for the occasion. It even has the dates of all their biggest films on the back. It's kind of like a concert tour shirt for a superhero supergroup. You can order the design on Amazon in t-shirt, long sleeve, and hoodie styles.

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