SpongeBob Joins the MCU in Hilarious Avengers: Endgame Meme

SpongeBob Squarepants has had an amazing 2019 as he has become a massive meme star and co-starred in the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Now, a group of hilarious fans have put the cartoon character square into the deciding battle of Avengers: Endgame. In a meme on Reddit, SpongeBob and Patrick come upon Thanos while he's sitting in anticipation of the Avengers in the final third of the film.

Patrick's terrified expression and SpongeBob's questions are from the episode "Hall Monitor". The starfish thinks he's seen a threat around when really it is just his friend trying to help him. A nice touch to this meme is the embellishment of the natural style for SpongeBob to something a bit more dramatic. The oil painting quality of the re-drawn panels echoes that tension during Endgame.

Ambitious crossovers from r/marvelstudios

Thanos is more than just menacing in memes though, his journey in the movie is filled with both humor and tragedy. Let's not forget that the Mad Titan meets his end twice in the film. The first time comes barely 15 minutes in as Thor takes his revenge for letting the snap occur in Avengers: Infinity War. On the commentary track for the film, the creative team expressed some surprise that audiences laughed when the decapitation occurs on Titan II.

Co-writer Stephen McFeely called the reactions "nervous shock." Stephen McFeely also added that the buildup and subversion of audience expectation played a role as well. He said, "But I think the [Alan] Silvestri score and the long slow walk here make you go, 'Oh, crap. Yeah, this is... We've got nothing now.'"

That quick resolution was a bit of a swerve but it all ended up going according to the Mad Titan's plans. Past Thanos learns of his fate from Nebula after he sees the footage later in the film. The creative team termed the look on his face "satisfaction," because he was encouraged by the development.

"This moment is one of my favorite moments in the movie, where Thanos gets nothing but satisfaction from seeing his head chopped off," co-writer Christopher Markus starts.

Director Anthony Russo jumps in to add that the scene, which includes a very faint smirk from Thanos, is a "vindication." This moment gives him the idea to say that he is "inevitable," during that fateful interaction near the end of the film.


So, yeah Patrick, he's sitting there menacingly because Thanos believes he's already won. Luckily for the heroes, he never did the math on Iron Man's will.

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