Stan Lee Says He's Learning New Dance Moves From John Travolta

Stan Lee may be 95-years-old, but that's not stopping him from learning new things including new [...]

Stan Lee may be 95-years-old, but that's not stopping him from learning new things including new things. And we don't mean social media. Lee's learning new dance moves from none other than John Travolta.

The legendary Marvel creator took to Twitter -- his social media platform of choice -- earlier today to share a photo of himself with business partner Keya Morgan and Travolta.

"I have been learning new dance moves from John Travolta thanks to my dear friend and partner @KeyaMorgan," the photo is captioned. The idea of Lee up and dancing is sure to make fans happy or, at least, give them a sense of relief. 2018 hasn't been the best year for Lee. Back in February, the Spider-Man co-creator was rushed to the hospital after suffering from shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat. While he was released after an overnight stay, concerns for his health followed him into the spring. Fans at Silicon Valley Comic Con in April -- Lee's first convention appearance after his health scare -- took to social media with observations that Lee appeared unwell and, potentially, wasn't being properly cared for.

Concerns that Lee is being mistreated or allegedly even the victim of elder abuse have also followed him this year. A report in The Hollywood Reporter this spring alleged that Lee is being exploited by some of the people closest to him, including his daughter, J.C. Lee as well as Morgan. Lee has since spoken out about those claims, threatening to sue over the allegations as well as recently referring to The Hollywood Reporter as "fake news" on his Twitter account.

However, health concerns appear to behind Lee at this point. Earlier this month Lee announced that he had finally taken control of his own Twitter account and has been very active ever since, posting questions to fans on how to share videos and sharing his thoughts about things such as Tom Holland's performance as Spider-Man and his idea for what might just be the ultimate crossover event -- Doctor Strange and X-Men teaching at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter universe. Maybe now that he's learning to dance from Travolta, we'll get to see him cut a rug in his next Marvel Cinematic Universe cameo appearance or, if nothing else, maybe that will be Lee's next video message to fans.

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