Stan Lee Calls Police After $1.4 Million Goes Missing

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has apparently been stolen from yet again.According to TMZ, Lee [...]

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has apparently been stolen from yet again.

According to TMZ, Lee called the police and reported that $1.4 million had gone missing from his bank account.

A specialized unit of the Los Angeles Police Department went out to Lee's home in the Hollywood Hills on Friday and spent two hours with the 95-year-old creator collecting details about who had access to the account and when exactly the money went missing. That LAPD unit is now handling Lee's case. Lee reportedly supplied the police with his financial records in order to aid the process.

This new incident comes just weeks after $850,000 was taken from Lee's account and used to buy a condominium. The theft was only discovered after Lee's team went through a full audit of his financial records and discovered a check forged with Lee's name in the amount of $300,000. Lee reported the forgery to the Beverly Hills Police Department, saying that the check was written out to the merchandising company Hands of Respect.

The police were also recently summoned to Lee's home to investigate battery allegations against someone in his employ.

In January, Lee faced accusations of groping nurses working for a senior care service.

Lee was also taken to the hospital recently, though he has since been released and assured fans that he's doing well. He was taken to the hospital after suffering shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat.

Stan Lee began working for the company that would become Marvel Comics, then called Timely Comics, in 1939. Lee made his debut as a writer with a prose Captain America story in 1941 and was promoted to editor at the age of 18 in 1942. In 1961, Stan Lee teamed up with Captain America co-creator Jack Kirby and created the Fantastic Four. This was the birth of the Marvel Universe and it changed comics forever. Stan went on to co-create several more of Marvel's most iconic character with Kirby and some of Marvel's other legendary artists such as Steve Ditko. These included Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the X-Men, and Daredevil. Lee became Marvel's editorial director and publisher in 1972 and later was named chairman emeritus.