Marvel Comics Writer Daniel Way Recalls Time Stan Lee Stopped Traffic In Times Square

Since the passing of former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Stan Lee, social media has been set ablaze with [...]

Since the passing of former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Stan Lee, social media has been set ablaze with all sorts of limericks and anecdotes. From the Hollywood elite to paying tribute to the late creator of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and many more to various comics professional offering their thanks, there was no shortage of stories.

One of the stories that stand out, in particular, was that of writer Daniel Way. The writer behind Marvel comics such as Wolverine: Origins and Deadpool mentioned how he was leaving Marvel HQ one day after a meeting and bumped into Lee some time afterwards, who happened to be visiting the same day.

Way went on to share how Lee went on to stop traffic to a crawl in one of New York City's busiest areas — Time Square.

"Off we all went, me apart from the group of people around Stan half a block behind, down 7th Ave to Times Square. Which, I s**t you not, came to a standstill," Way tweeted. "I don't know how it started but within a minute or two, Stan was absolutely engulfed by people."

"He was standing there, smiling and signing random things that people were poking towards him, the crowd spilling off the curb and into the street, which could've meant certain death for those people...except for the fact the cabs were stopping, too."

Way went on to detail how Lee got picked up by some of New York's finest for a ride to that year's New York Comic Con at the Javits Center.

"This went on for less than 10 minutes before cops rolled up on the scene," Way remembered. "After a quick confab, Stan turned, waved to the crowd...and hopped into a cop car along with a few other people. Lights went on, siren blared and off Stan went to the Javits Center, courtesy of the NYPD."

Lee's generosity didn't end there, the iconic comic creator reportedly had quite the audience waiting from him upon as arrival at the convention.

"Now this last part, I was only told about — I didn't see it myself," reflected Way. "But what I was told was, when Stan was delivered to the Javits, there was a bunch of other NYPD officers waiting for get his autograph."

"And he signed every one of 'em."