Stan Lee Recreates His 'Thor: Ragnarok' Cameo With Todd McFarlane

Warning: Minor spoilers from Thor: Ragnarok ahead!

Keeping up with his tradition of hilarious cameos in comic films, Marvel creator Stan Lee had fans laughing with his scene in Thor: Ragnarok this past weekend. When Thor went to get his hair cut, on the orders of the Grandmaster, Stan Lee was revealed to be his impromptu barber, wielding a terrifying bladed tool.

The joke about an old man cutting Thor's hair was funny, but Lee met up with one of his longtime comic buddies this week to recreate the entire scene.

Image Comics founder and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane tweeted out a video of himself with Stan Lee. Someone else was holding McFarlane down as he was screaming about getting his haircut. Then Lee came into frame with a pair of scissors.

Just as he did in the film, Lee tells McFarlane, "Hold still! My hands aren't as firm as they used to be. I don't see very well."

McFarlane continued to scream, while trying to hold back laughter, as Lee approached to chop off a bit of his hair. Fortunately for the Spawn creator, the scene never got that far, and they stopped just before the scissors reached his head.

Despite being well into his 90s, it's clear that Stan Lee is still just as fun as ever before.