Starbucks Employees Flip Out Over TikTok Star's Unreal Spider-Man Drive-Thru Stunt

The crew operating the Starbucks drive-through got more than they bargained for when none other than Spider-Man showed up to grab a drink, though it was how they showed up that really turned heads. The whole stunt was the idea of @who_is_jackie, who has created a reputation for some hilarious pranks at Starbucks in the past that she posts on TikTok, though this particular one went above and beyond (via Yahoo). It involved her dressing up in a Spider-Man suit and ordering a coffee to go, though she decided not to just sit in the car and order like any ordinary person.

Instead, she embraced the wall-crawler's identity and ordered perched atop the roof of a car. She leaned over in the window and ordered, telling the staff not to freak out and that it was Spider-Man. She then made her order, but even with the warning, when she got to the window the employee was shocked to say the least.


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♬ original sound - who is jackie🤔

The employee said "Oh hell no. Hel no. This wasn't what I expected when I came into Starbucks [today]."

The staff gave her the drink she ordered and then had some fun with it, telling her “Hey, keep saving the city, alright?”

You can watch the full video of the Spider-Man prank above, and please don't try this at home.

Spider-Man is just the latest prank she's pulled at Starbucks, and past ones have included her rolling through the drive thru as an actual Starbucks worker, complete with credit card reader and drinks to share. She also showed up as Harry Styles and completed the look with a Watermelon hat, themed after Watermelon Sugar of course.


Miley and Hannah at the starbies drive thru ##starbucks ##coffee ##car ##singing ##coldbrew ##hannahmontana ##mileycyrus

♬ original sound - who is jackie🤔

Other memorable pranks include the dual role of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus as well as one where she took on the identity of Ariana Grande. We can't wait to see what she does next, and after pulling off Spidey maybe another superhero will be up next.

Is there another superhero you want to see @who_is_jackie take on? Let us know in the comments!