Steven DeKnight Teases Daredevil Easter Eggs, Possible Second Season

Marvel's Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight has once again taken to Twitter to talk to fans about the anticipated, upcoming series.

Among the items of most interest? He told one fan that it's possible the show could go for more than one season.

While Marvel executives had said that they'd be interested in pursuing more than one season for the Netflix series, it hasn't been totally clear what the production plan is for the five shows set to air in succession. Marvel's Daredevil, Luke CageIron FistJessica Jones and The Defenders were widely understood to be one season each, with the possibility of more only after The Defenders had come together which, especially in the case of Daredevil, made it seem somewhat unlikely.

Of course, almost all of that would be supposition and speculation, and Marvel has said very little about the shows.

So...what did DeKnight say today? Read on...


Just so it's been said, folks, Wilber Day is Stilt-Man.

Marvel's Daredevil debuts in 2015.