Steven Yeun Reveals Why He Joined Marvel's Thunderbolts

Steven Yeun has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The veteran Walking Dead actor is set to reunite with Beef director Jake Schreier in Marvel Studios's Thunderbolts, an anti-hero ensemble piece that is expected to go into production soon. Yeun joins a star-studded cast of familiar MCU faces including Phase 1 original Sebastian Stan, Black Widow stars Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Olga Kerleynko, as well as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Wyatt Russell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Unlike his cast mates, Yeun's role in Thunderbolts has yet to be officially announced to the public.

"It kind of came together in a weird way. Jake Schreier, who did episodes of Beef, he got the gig to direct it. He kind of saw me for this role," Yeun told THR. "I read the role and I was like, 'This is actually a really interesting role. I'd be down to explore this.'"

While Yeun continues to be vague about what the role entails, many have speculated that he will fulfill the long-rumored "evil Superman" spot within Thunderbolts. This has led theories to be narrowed down to either Hyperion or Sentry, as both of those characters possess Man of Steel-esque power and indestructibility. 

Regardless of what kind of costume he will be donning, Yeun added that starring in a superhero movie was not necessarily a must-have in his career.

"I think it's less about now checking things off a bucket list and more looking at an experience. It's more like, 'Do I want to experience that?'" Yeun continued. "Putting it out is a whole other thing that I'm going to have to prepare for afterwards, but in the immediate, I'm just down to experience that experience." 

This only furthers speculation that Yeun will be portraying a familiar comic hero, as his emphasis on needing to "prepare for afterwards" is possibly the actor's way of saying he will have to get ready for becoming the face of a cherished character. The MCU has no shortage of critically-acclaimed talent, but many of its top stars are viewed as carrying the image of their respective heroes wherever they go. Chris Evans is a prime example, as multiple of his post-Marvel projects have snuck in allusions to his Captain America history.

Thunderbolts goes into production soon and will hit theaters on July 26th, 2024.