'Thor: Ragnarok' Director is Ready for 'Thor 4'

Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Thor: Ragnarok, it's clear that director Taika Waititi has been a game-changer for the franchise. Now that Waititi is having a major breakout success with Thor 3, Marvel fans are inevitably going to want to know if he'll still be lending his talents to a new movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well, Waititi is already talking up what he would like to do next for Marvel, in a new interview with CinemaBlend:

"I would like to come back and work with Marvel any time, because I think they're a fantastic studio, and we had a great time working together. And they were very supportive of me, and my vision. They kind of gave me a lot of free reign, but also had a lot of ideas as well. A very collaborative company. I'd love to do another Thor film, because I feel like I've established a really great thing with these guys, and friendship. And I don't really like any of the other characters."

The last part is a joke (do yourself a favor and get to know Waititi's dry wit, it's worth it). However, it's not that surprising to hear his wish to continue with Thor, after such a successful (and seemingly fun) experience working on Ragnarok.


Of course, it's also a minor miracle to hear that director wants to come back for another Thor movie; The Thunder God is the only character from the first two phases of MCU solo films to change directors with every installment. Kenneth Branaugh famously broke with Marvel after struggling with the first film, and Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor fared even worse when taking on Thor: The Dark World.


If anything, it seems to be the fans who will win if Waititi returns for another go; especially if Thor 4 changes up the franchise and introduces the female Thor!