Gamora Makes Major Change in Thanos Mini-Series

Tini Howard and Ariel Olivetti are about to wrap up their action-packed run on Thanos, a tale that features a side of Thanos cosmic Marvel fans haven't received before. Then, Thanos #5 hit the shelves at comic stores around the world and it made a surprising connection to Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato's Infinity Wars and appears to be tying into the main Guardians of the Galaxy title in the comings months. Spoilers up ahead for Thanos #5!

Throughout the duration of this Thanos mini-series, Gamora has been narrating the story as she's been telling it to someone else. In Thanos #4, we finally got confirmation of that as we saw a hooded figure walking alongside her in the comic itself. Finally, the hooded figure was revealed. In the closing moments of Thanos #5, it's shown Gamora is living up to her promise to Adam Warlock, the Soul Stone, and well...the rest of doing good. She's apparently raising Magus — you know, like how Thanos once raised her.

(Photo: Ariel Olivetti / Marvel Comics)

In the issue, the two are traversing across Halfworld, the home of Rocket Raccoon and the two definitely put off some familial vibes, especially with Magus' "Fiiiine." when Gamora tells him to go to bed. It's unclear if the two are there to see Rocket though as we saw earlier on in the Guardians of the Galaxy run, she had been to Halfworld visiting Rocket recently.

That'd seemingly put the events of Thanos — at least those told in the present — right after Infinity Wars wrapped up. There, the Soul Stone sent Gamora to the place where "she could do the most good," and we see her kicking open the cocoon of Magus. Only this time around, Magus was regenerated as a kid with no memories of himself.

(Photo: Mike Deodato / Marvel Comics)

This all comes the same week Guardians of the Galaxy #11 was solicited for November in which Kid Magus can be seen on the cover with Rocket, Moondragon, and Groot.

The full solicitation for Thanos #6 can be found below.

THANOS #6 (OF 6)

  • The grand finale of this cosmic epic!
  • Thanos has set into motion the chain of events between him and Gamora that will inspire loyalty, bloodshed and betrayal across the galaxy…but what does the Magus have to do with it?
  • And more importantly…are you ready to witness the beginning of Thanos’ end?

32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

Thanos #5 is now available while Thanos #6 hit shelves September 25th.