Netflix's The Circle Winner Joey Sasso Loves Marvel and DC Movies - Talking Shop

The Circle winner Joey Sasso is one of us. Sasso proved his social media prowess on the Netflix [...]

The Circle winner Joey Sasso is one of us. Sasso proved his social media prowess on the Netflix series, continuing to do so now with his Heads or Tails series through Million Stories Media, but it turns out a guy who can love the gym and hair gel can also love Marvel and DC Comics movies. Sasso connected with for an episode of Talking Shop (seen in the video above) where he professed his love for titles like Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight. While he is currently being educated on real world issues for his social media series, he is very much up to date on what's going on in the movie world.

In fact, Sasso's love for comic book titles goes back to an episode of The Circle where he used Spider-Man during a game with the friends he had not yet met. "I remember we were playing a game where we had to give a clue to like, a picture we received without saying it," Sasso said. "I had Spider-Man. And, for me, 'cause I'm a film buff, I was like, immediately, the role Toby Maguire made famous. And, Shoob's like, 'Spider-Man!' And, for me, bro, Like, c'mon man. I love Tom Holland, and I'm a huge Marvel junkie. But, for me, it's all about Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films. Even the odd Spider-Man 3 where Peter Parker goes in the emo phase."

Turns out, Sasso can appreciate Maguire's dance moves during that emo phase. "There's something to that movie where I'm like, I don't- it's such a mixed bag," he said. "But I kind of love a movie more when it's kind of weird, and just out there, and it's just its own thing. Not a perfect film, like, Spider-Man 2, to me, is still my favorite Spider-Man film. But, Spider-Man 3, it's got ups and downs. But, I still love it as a whole."

Sasso has a movie of his own coming out, he expects it to arrive in 2021. He admits, though, his dream role as an up and coming actor is DC's Caped Crusader. It's a lofty goal and Sasso knows it is taken, so he is quick to share that he believes in what Matt Reeves is crafting with Robert Pattinson in the role. Still, he claims The Dark Knight as his all time favorite comic book movie.

"What Nolan did, like people can say how it's overrated, this and that, but I think because it's become so popular, you have to look at what Nolan did with Batman Begins," Sasso says. "The level he took it up to in The Dark Knight is something that people are still trying to duplicate. We went through that whole period of everything's gotta be dark, it's gotta be dark! And it's like, no. Nolan specifically did that because he had a vision. I still love Dark Knight Rises. Yes, it does have some plot issues but..."

What's your favorite comic book movie of all time? Do you agree with Sasso's take on Spider-Man and Batman:? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter.

Sasso's Heads or Tails series with educational episodes regarding the world's current pandemic and the effects it is having on various people is available now on Million Stories Media.