The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Who Is Battlestar?

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been introducing new characters very casually, especially in [...]

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been introducing new characters very casually, especially in its second episode. To start the episode, the new Captain Amerca's longtime friend Lemar Hoskins was introduced. Marvel Comics fans know Lemar to be a super powered human who also goes by Battlestar. As it turns out, he goes by the same name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As John Walker and Lemar Hoskins seem to be representing mirror of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, the roots of these characters from the comics tell us that they won't quite turn out to be the same type of heroes.

Lemar Hoskins first appeared in Captain America #323 in November of 1986. He was officially named in Captained America #33 in September of 1987 and took on the Battlestar alias in Captain America #341 in May of 1988. As the story goes in comics, Hoskins served in the U.S. military. After his service, Hoskins and John Walker joined the PowerBroker process, gainiing superhuman abilities from drugs Dr. Malus had been providing them with. Walker became Super-Patriot at the time, while Hoskins became a Bold Urban Commando. The Bold Urban Commando staged attacks against Super-Patriot as a means to make Super-Patriot look more able and heroic. This lead John to eventually become become Captain America.

Hoskins continued with the Bold Urban Commandos and eventually adopted the nickname of "Bucky" for this work while serving with his new Captain America. He was informed, though, that "Bucky" was a demeaning term towards African-Americans, so he took on the new name of Battlestar.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

It is unclear how much of this comic history will be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Battlestar, though it seems his intentions might not be quite as pure as those of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Furthermore, indications of the PowerBroker playing a part in the series could drum up some ties between the villainous doctor and Hoskins.

With Erin Kellyman's Karli Morgenthau and her Flag-Smashers group seemingly on the run from PowerBroker, Walker and Hoskins might have alternate motivations to track down the group and all of the drugs they have been on the run with. After all, one of PowerBroker's tactics is to make his patients dependent on his drugs.

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