The Gifted Showrunner Matt Nix Opens Up About Not Being Allowed to Mention X-Men's Magneto and Wolverine

Matt Nix is the current Executive Producer of Turner & Hooch, the new Disney+ series starring Josh [...]

Matt Nix is the current Executive Producer of Turner & Hooch, the new Disney+ series starring Josh Peck and a Bordeaux Mastiff based on the 1989 movie of the same name. Recently, had the chance to chat with Nix about the new series and he opened up about the heartbreaking reason he decided to join Turner & Hooch and broke down some of the show's fun action movie homages. In addition to talking about Turner & Hooch, we also asked about Nix's previous show, The Gifted, the X-Men series that was sadly canceled after two seasons back in 2019. Now that Nix is working with Disney+, the streaming service that is also home to multiple MCU series, we asked the creator if he has any interest in returning to the world of Marvel.

"Yeah. I'd definitely be into that. I think it's a pretty separate world, you know what I mean? They've got their thing they're doing. The other thing is in The Gifted, we were really doing this offshoot. I've never said this in an interview, I think it's fine to say now. Originally the whole thing for that show was you must stay out of the way of the movies. You are not allowed to touch on the movies. The original thing in that show was I was just the guy that came in with the best idea for staying out of the way of the movies, which was, 'Hey, remember in Days of Future Past how they go back in time and then there's an anti-mutant dystopia in the future. Then in this time it looks like our time. Just give me the years in between. Then my show will get erased. It doesn't matter.'"

He continued, "'It doesn't touch your movie timeline because it's the timeline you erased. Just give me that and then I'll do that. I'll sort of show how mutants came to be oppressed and then I can stay out of the way of the movies.' They were like, 'All right, sounds good. You are not allowed to say the word Magneto' and I was like, 'But the daughter of Magneto's in the show' and they were like, 'That's right. Don't even say anything that rhymes with Magneto.' Wouldn't they know about Wolverine? Maybe, but they never say the word ever." Nix added, "That was just a very different task. That was a very different world than the current Marvel world which is all about integration with the movies. I think that's way better. I think it's a way better way to be."

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Turner & Hooch releases new episodes on Disney+ on Wednesdays.